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It is possible that many times you have received offers of online classes and you have not been encouraged, you feel that it is not the same as being in the classroom or they do not inspire...

It is possible that many times you have received offers of online classes and you have not been encouraged, you feel that it is not the same as being in the classroom or they do not inspire confidence. But if you are looking to learn Spanish, add a professional tool, speak one more language to travel and meet people, or simply improve your training, CUI online Spanish courses are an effective learning mechanism with many advantages, which will allow you to achieve your goal: learn spanish.

At CUI you will discover that studying Spanish online is much more than taking distance learning. Our online Spanish courses are not considered substitutes for our intensive Spanish course for foreigners or the regular Spanish course for residents. But they imply a new way of understanding and developing the teaching and learning process different from traditional classroom courses.

Due to overcoming distances and schedules, due to the possibilities it offers to combine study with other aspects of life, we believe that studying Spanish online is a good decision. These are some of the advantages:


1- Different types of online Spanish courses:

At CUI Spanish we offer online courses with different training modalities, for anyone who is interested. We have individual and self-study courses, we have virtual tutorials and one-to-one classes with a teacher. You can choose the one that suits you best and the one that best suits your educational needs, availability and interests. Any of our online Spanish courses allows you to access an extended and rewarding learning experience, through multiple channels, with dynamic, interactive and educational resources. Mastery of digital tools and environments contribute to technological literacy, which occurs in a parallel and almost imperceptible way to learning Spanish.

2- Costs of online Spanish courses:

The cost of our online Spanish classes is less than what you would need to take a classroom course. In addition to the monetary savings of transfer to school. Nor would you spend money on books and materials since we work with the digitized materials that you will always have available.

3- You can study Spanish from anywhere at any time:

With our online Spanish courses for foreigners you can forget about several conditions. They are designed for those students who, due to time, time or distance, cannot participate in a face-to-face class and prefer to optimize time and resources by taking classes online. To study online, all you need is an electronic device (tablet, notebook, computer) and the internet. You will see that distance and location are not a problem. At the breakfast table, in a park, in the middle of a trip … wherever you want.

4- It allows you to save time:

Think of all the time you would save on commuting, waiting for the bus or subway. Studying Spanish online allows you to have your time and use it as it suits you.

5- You can choose when to study Spanish:

Do you have rotating shifts at your job? Do you pay more in the morning or at night? If you choose to study online you can study Spanish online when you consider it appropriate, according to your tastes and combining it with other activities. You set the time and place limits, you can study and find the materials wherever you want, whenever you want. Although studying online gives you many freedoms, it is essential that you can establish a routine so that your studies are successful.

6- It allows a balance between study and work:

This point is one of the most important, studying Spanish online gives you the opportunity to combine both activities. This becomes an advantage that allows education to be made compatible with other aspects of life, respecting every moment.

7- You can advance at your own pace:

In our online Spanish classes you mark your own time. Flexibility is one of the keys to the success of our virtual courses, as well as its ability to adapt to the needs and objectives of each student, as well as to the responsibilities and times.

8- Promote responsibility and autonomy:

As we mentioned in point 5, one of the fundamental conditions that will help you meet your objectives while learning Spanish online is to maintain a study routine, be constant and persevering. The advantages of studying online are many, but there are also a series of recommendations that you should take if you want to successfully complete your studies. Following a virtual program exercises self-organization skills and promotes commitment and responsibility. It makes you an active participant in the educational process, in which you will develop valuable skills for professional life and a willingness to continue training.

9- You have personalized access to a tutor to guide you in self-learning.

Although our online Spanish courses promote autonomy on the part of the student and do not require commuting to the classroom, that is not why you will be alone. Behind your online course there are many people working to make things easier for you, help you and guide you in everything you need. Among these people, the figure of the teacher is essential, who will accompany you in all stages of the process of learning Spanish, depending on the program you prefer.

10- You can interact from wherever you are.

As we were saying, you will not be alone! Hundreds of students from anywhere in the world are in your same situation. You can interact and exchange valuable experiences with distant friends, further enriching your educational experience. We invite you to join our #CUISpanishCommunity to share experiences, resolve doubts, meet people, and much more.

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